Updated May 2021


I’m Sebastian. Here’s what I’m up to professionally.

I help businesses, influencers, and other public figures leverage social media—mostly Instagram—both organically and through paid media. Usually I get hired to help grow a specific type of audience, drive sales, or monetize a large following.

My clients have generally been successful to an extent, and as an advisor I help them reach the next level.

The methods I use with others, I either use or have used myself too. My current side project is an Instagram account I grew from 4000 to 190k in a year and turned it into a business.

I've also been working with ecommerce since 2015, both as a store owner and a consultant.

When optimizing the last 0.1% matters, or something special (such as IG verifications, lifting ad account bans) needs to be taken care of, I have a network of highly specialized individuals to make that happen.

I write a newsletter called Unchained, where I analyze how Instagram can best be used as a business tool. You can read all the posts and subscribe over at unchained.substack.com.

In case you want to contact me, I'm best reached by email: sebastian@juhola.org.

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