Updated May 2021


I’m Sebastian Juhola. Here’s what I’m up to professionally.

I help brands, influencers, and other public figures leverage social media by building measurable and profitable strategies, and advising on implementation.

Usually I get hired to build a complete social media strategy that serves the right business goals and takes into account other viable channels—with an end result of an actionable game plan for social media.

Other times clients need something more specific, for example a strategy for growing the right kind of audience, driving sales, or monetizing a large following.

After the initial strategy has been built and delivered, some choose to keep me on as a regular advisor to help them stay on track, and with others we part ways.

I don’t manage communities, create content, or run ads—but I do have a good network of highly specialized individuals and agencies I can refer businesses to, when needed.

My current personal side project is an Instagram account I grew from 4000 to 190k in a year and turned into a business. It’s called The Minimalist Wardrobe.

I have a Substack newsletter called Unchained, where I write about social media strategy. I’m also on Twitter.

You can reach me by email: sebastian@juhola.org.

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